• #FoodHackLDN is hacking:

     The Future of Food


    "How can we use technology to make healthy eating cool for a generation of young people brought up in a culture where less healthy brands have the biggest marketing budgets?"

    From 6.30pm, 16 - 18 October, WeWork Moorgate

    Officially part of London Food Tech Week 2015

  • Hack the Future of Food at #FoodHackLDN

    FoodHack is the first innovation-driving food tech event of it's kind in London. It is about creating solutions to real food industry problems. Focused on food and agricultural technology, our hackathon is bringing together industry-leading brands and top talent to tackle the challenge of nutrition.


    We're looking for developers, designers, biz dev-ers and all round food enthusiasts to join us for a weekend of problem solving, and building the solutions of tomorrow, that the food industry needs today. Together we will be tackling the Jamie Oliver challenge:


    How can we use technology to make healthy eating cool for a generation of young people brought up in a culture where less healthy brands have the biggest marketing budgets?

  • Why Sustainability in our Food Ecosystem Matters


    The amount of the food we produce that is thrown away before it even reaches the consumer.


    The amount of British children under the age of five are overweight or obese.


    The size of the global food tech market, which is growing at 16-20% year on year.


    The amount of customer transactions in the food industry that do not have any traceability or engagement.

  • VIDEO:

    Kicking off London Food Tech Week with #FoodHackLDN

    turned around in just 6 hrs by the incredible wearevivida.co.uk

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  • Hosted at WeWork Moorgate

  • Food Hack Agenda

    Check out the plan for #FoodHackLDN

  • Partners

    Thanks to our sponsors for invaluable help organising, promoting, and running the hackathon. 

    Challenge Partner

    Tech & Mentor Partner

    Venue Partner & Prize Sponsor

    Headline Media Partner

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  • Food & Drinks Sponsors

    Great food and drink keeping you fuelled all weekend.

    Farm-fresh fresh ingredients, delivered to your doorstep.

    Anything in London, delivered in 60 minutes.

    A boutique subscription food discovery company based in London.


    All natural soft drinks with a kick.

    Cru Kafe

    Great coffee at home that is ethical and easy to make.


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  • Kickass Mentors

     Our mentors can help you with the technology, data configuration, API's, your go-to-market strategy, branding, positioning and pitching.

    Ben Pugh

    Co-Founder of Farmdrop

    Tim West

    Food System Hacker from San Francisco

    John Quilter

    aka The Food Busker on Jamie Oliver's Food Tube and Co-Founder of CRU Kafe

    HanSon Lee

    Co-Founder of Loaf App, previously led the biggest rebranding in UK retailer history (co-operative)

    Alex Heeton

    CTO, Shaken

    James Lethem

    Creative Strategist

    Carl Petrou

    Co-Founder of PandaPay

    Bjoern Uehss

    Founder of 22tribes.com

    JinaA Bae

    Co-Founder of CHOP CHOP

    Nicole Bosky

    Founder at Adpreneurs

    Cory Sealey

    Paid and Digital Media Supervisor

    Phil Nash

    Developer Evangelist at Twilio

  • Speakers

    Hackathon Speakers

    Jim Glass

    Google Food Services Manager EMEA

    Jim uses food consumption psychology and vast amount of data to plan and predict food production and distribution to staff throughout the EMEA offices.

    James Roy Poulter

    Co-Founder of Pronto

    Pronto is mobile first, offering the simplest ordering experience possible. We then simplify logistics to offer fast delivery that our users can track, whilst vouching for the quality of the food they receive. James shares his experience, insights and learnings in building one of London's most popular Food Tech companies.

    JinA Bae

    Co-Founder of CHOPCHOP

    JinA is the co-founder & CEO of CHOPCHOP, a dynamic cooking task management app backed by artificial intelligence. She is an avid home cook and is passionate about introducing technology into traditional recipes and rethinking the way we cook. She met her team at a hackathon, and will be talking about how she took a hackahton idea to full fruition and a successful startup.

    Lisa Tookey 

    Head of Commercial at The Jamie Oliver Group

    Ben Pugh

    Founder of Farmdrop

    Ryan Perera

    Co-Founder of Henchman

  • Meet the Judges

    Throughout FoodHack we will be providing expert mentoring on a range of skills, with experts on hand to give you direct feedback. For the final demo itself, we'll be welcoming some incredible judges. 

    Zoe Collins

    Creative Director, Jamie Oliver Group

    Myles Cameron

    Technical Director for Edelman Digital UK and Head of the Brighton Studio

    Hussein Kanji

    Investor, Hoxton Ventures

    Camilla Dolan

    Investment Manager, MMC Ventures


    Ricardo Davilo-Otoya

    Startup & Developer Community Manager at Google for UK, IE & NE

  • Food Hack Prizes

    We have bunch of unique prizes to be won at Food Hack, which we will be announcing over the coming weeks.

    Hack of the Weekend

    2nd Place Prize

    3rd Place Prize

    Best Designer

    Best Developer

    Best Hustler

    Best Social Engagement

    Best Creative Mind

  • Food Hack is part of Food Tech Week

    London Food Tech Week is the world’s first week-long celebration, showcase and collaboration of brands, innovators, startups & entrepreneurs leading, transforming and disrupting the food technology space. #FoodHackLDN

  • FAQs

    All the answers to questions you may have about Food Hack.

    What time does it kick off? And when will it finish?

    We'll be hosting some networking and drinks from 6.30pm on Friday 16th, with presentations & pitching of ideas kicking off from 7pm onwards.


    Our demo afternoon will be finished by 2pm on Sunday 18th, and will be followed by drinks and networking with our judges, or a hasty exit if you're ready for some serious post hack sleep!

    Does it cost anything?

    Yes, there is a small charge of £10 to join Food Hack. We want to provide an amazing experience for you and whilst we are providing amazing free food and drink we do have some costs that need to be covered!

    Who is it for?

    We are looking for food and tech enthusiasts from a diverse range of backgrounds. 80 - 100  talented participants will be selected to collaborate, in teams of developers, engineers, data experts, designers, product and industry leaders, and will work in teams of 4-6 people throughout the weekend to tackle the hackathon challenge and the Future of Food.





    What is the format of the hackathon?

    Throughout the hackathon, and in between hacking, you may listen to insightful and inspirational talks and panels by industry leaders. Google mentors and industry experts will be running workshops and providing guidance and technical support. We will finish the hack with demos to some fantastic judges who will have the difficult task of  choosing the most innovative and exciting ideas from the hack.


    Do I need to pitch an idea at #foodhack?

    There is no obligation to pitch at the event. All participants are invited to pitch their idea should they want to at the start of the weekend.

    What should I build at the hack?

    We want you to help us explore the challenge that is child obesity. How do we help solve the problems looking at things like nutrition, food education and

    gamification to help with this huge issue!

    How are teams formed?

    Teams are formed after everyone who wants to has pitched their ideas. Each participant then picks his or her one favourite idea. Teams are then formed around these ideas and each team should have a diverse mix of developers, designers, business development and all rounders.

    Can I get going straight away?

    To ensure a level playing field for all attendees, all code and apps must be

    created during the hack. We want to see what you can build as a team over the weekend. Start brainstorming potential pitch ideas now to get ahead but you need to build your team at the event.

    How big can my team be?

    Teams can be anywhere between 4 and 7 members. All members must register and RSVP for the event however.

    I want to be a volunteer for the hackathon, who can I speak to?

    We would love to have you involved in some capacity. Drop Mark a message introducing yourself.

    Who owns the intellectual property created during the hackathon?

    All teams retain full ownership of what they create during the hackathon. We want you to push yourselves over the weekend safe in the knowledge that all your hard work and any products built are yours.

    Can I use external APIs, services and SDKs?

    Absolutely! Whilst we will have some APIs on hand to get you going, we

    encourage you to use any third party services, APIs, open source projects,

    libraries, and frameworks as long as they are publicly available on the web.

    We will be using APIs by Pronto, Twilio, & Google and will have expert advice on hand to help you integrate these services into your apps.


    Do I have to stay overnight?

    We encourage you and your team to stay overnight and continue working on your project perhaps with a few power naps in between! However if you are unable to stay, and do have other commitments, then please do let us know. We totally understand people may have families and commitments but Hackathons are intense weekend marathons and coding through the night is usually the norm! There are lots of comfy sofas, but we strongly recommend bringing a sleeping bag and mat.

    Will there be food and drink provided? 

    Absolutely. We've lined up some incredible partners to help ensure all our Food Hackers are well looked after. You are however welcome to bring your own food and drink into the venue. We are encouraging a healthy eating theme throughout the event however in line with our theme!

  • Meet The Team

    Our team features a range of venture builders, including foodies, techies, and startup fanatics, all of whom have come together to create FoodHack. 

    Victoria Albrecht

    Co-Founder of 


    London Food Tech Week


    Victoria previously co-founded a popular food festival in Scotland. Since founding Food StartUp School she has worked with Food Tech startups in London, San Francisco, Barcelona and Milan, whilst also consulting for companies such as Selfridges & Co.

    Nadia El Hadery

    Co-Founder of Food StartUp School,


    London Food Tech Week & Flavrbox


    Nadia worked in trading and sales before co-founding a brokerage and a FinTech firm. Since 2012, she has been building communities and companies in food tech, namely Flavrbox, Food Tech Wednesdays and the Food StartUp School.

    Mark Corbett

    Co-Founder of Pace Ventures

    Mark has previously built a unique popup bar on an iconic London bus; a student social enterprise; and plied his trade as a strategy consultant. Most recently he devised a billion dollar fundraising strategy for a global charity, and has delivered enterprise programmes for the likes of KPMG, HSBC and Waitrose.

    Umesh Kumar

    Co-Founder of Pace Ventures

    Umesh co-founded Pi Labs, Europe’s first property focused accelerator programme. Prior to this he has worked as a business development Associate at Oxygen Accelerator and Techstars London. He also runs a Sri Lankan charity for female refugees in his spare time.

    Ricardo Davilo-Otoya

    Strategic Adviser of Food Hack and Food Tech Week

    Ricardo has worked with startups and co-working spaces since 2009 and has a past life as a visual artist. Early in 2014 he developed and ran an Incubator Programme at The Trampery and then freelanced and helped the CFE grow a fashion tech community and launch a Fashion Tech Incubator. Now Ricardo is at Google as a Community Manager working on Startup & Developer Community Programmes in UK, IE & NE with the DevRel team.

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